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About Us/FAQ

School Vision

Valley View Charter Montessori is a community of learners where children can reach their full potential and contribute positively to society.

After School Activities


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School Sponsored:

Coding Club Jan-March 2018

Homework Club and Solutions


PTO Sponsored:

Kids Yoga 2017-2018

Firefly Art 2017-2018

Cooking with Kids Jan-Feb 2018 *update, only Thursdays

STEM using Lego Jan-March 2018

Spanish Sept-Nov 2017


Other:  *not an activity of the school or school district

Good News Club October 2017-March 2018

School Programs Explained

Valley View News

Weekly news program broadcasted by students to discuss current events and happenings around VVCM.  Students are selected by their teachers and Mr. Stewart with additional selected guests each week.


Grand Greeters

The purpose of the Grand Greeters program is to assist with the safe, efficient, and expedient drop off of students attending Valley View Charter Montessori.  Participation is open to fourth, fifth, or sixth grader, has a signed parent permission slip on file with the teacher, and is committed to being present during his/her assigned times. Grand Greeters are selected by the scheduled teacher and starts at 7:45 each morning and ends at 8:00.


Peace Patrol

Peace Patrol is a program that allows our upper grade students to serve as mentors, problem solvers, and friend finders at recesses and lunchtime. We like to think of them as an intervention opportunity before a yard duty or other adult steps in. The students that are chosen will need to fill a leadership role and show positive decision making skills.  Four students are selected by their teacher (4th, 5th, and 6th only).  Selected students should show good character, be responsible for their school work, and have strong interpersonal skills.  Students will serve for approximately half of the school year and need to get permission from their parent in order to participate.  If selected, your students will participate in a one day training that teaches them how to approach and navigate through the different aspects of a Peace Patrol member. They will be assigned a partner and a scheduled day/time to report for duty.  The training process begins after winter break. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How would you describe the Charter Montessori program at Valley View in comparison to a traditional approach?

While there are many similarities, we believe that we have blended the best of both worlds in order to achieve a high quality Montessori program.  Please click HERE & HERE for more information.


What grades are offered?

Valley View Charter Montessori OPENS August 9, 2017 as TK-6th grade. 

7th grade will be added the following school year 2018/2019.

8th grade will be added the following school year 2019/2020.


What is a high performance school?

Please click HERE for more information.


What awards has the school received?

Charter Montessori received a Gold Ribbon Award in 2016 under the category of school culture and climate. 

"The award reflects your school’s success in creating a positive learning atmosphere for your students. Such success is a direct result of your dedicated, creative, and talented staff, and your supportive school community." - Tom Torlakson, State Superintendent of Public Instruction


Links to other helpful information:

  • First Day of School from the view of a drone - FOOTAGE
  • 5th/6th Grade Parent Education Night 6/7/17 - SLIDESHOW


Other Info

What does Montessori look like at Valley View?

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